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Why work with Town House Editors vs. traditional book editors?

We’re novelists.

We know story better because we’re story creators. Think about it.

The novelist’s brain works differently from the editor’s brain. Editors work from the outside in. Writers work from the inside out. With us, you get both.


Writers think differently. 

They have a gut-instinct for solving story problems. For improving story.

You’ll be working with makers.  

No matter how beautiful your prose, no matter how literary, you still want your novel to pop with commercial appeal, maybe even Hollywood appeal. We can give you just that.

How we work

We work your way. Whatever your needs are, whatever stage you’re at with your project, that’s where we start. We work with writers at all career stages—from brand new novelists to career veterans.

One thing almost all writers share is fear. Fear often manifests in avoidance—in extreme cases, even scrubbing the bathroom floor can sound preferable to facing the blank page.

This is where coaching comes in.

We’ll help you find your bravery. We can offer accountability, cheer you on, and evaluate your efforts. Sometimes what a writer needs most is someone in her corner—and that’s exactly where we’ll be.

Once you have a finished draft, we can read it closely and offer our thoughts on what’s selling right now, and where your story fits in the market today. We can examine your title, premise, theme, characters, story arc, etc. We offer everything from minor guidance to three-stage comprehensive edits that take your manuscript from first draft to agent or publishing house editor-ready.

We generally start with a phone call to get to know each other and learn what it is you need. From there, the journey to the best possible version of your book begins.

And we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Who we are

Tish Cohen

Tish Cohen is the critically acclaimed author of The Search Angel and Inside Out Girl, both Globe and Mail bestsellers. Town House, published in Germany, Italy, USA, and Canada, is a regional finalist for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Book. The Truth About Delilah Blue is a Globe and Mail bestseller and a Globe and Mail Best Book. Cohen has written four novels for younger readers.

Cohen’s Town House, originally optioned by Ridley Scott and Fox 2000, has had Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, Zach Galifianakis, and Kirsten Dunst attached. In addition, her original short film, Russet Season premiered at the Toronto Jewish Film Festival in May, 2017.

At the University of Toronto, Cohen taught the popular course “Writing Breakout Fiction,” in which students learned how to create “upmarket fiction” with unforgettable characters who drive strong plots, and deeper, more universal themes that resonate.

Max Cohen

Max Cohen is a novelist represented by Westwood Creative Artists, one of the oldest and most respected literary agencies in Canada. He was awarded the Professional Editing Standards Certificate from Queen's University in 2022, and previously studied English Literature and Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto. Stay tuned for exciting book news!

Our Services

Please inquire via email for rates of drafts over 100,000 words

Manuscript Evaluation

Read full-length manuscript and provide in-depth notes plus one-hour phone call.

USD $750

Full Manuscript Edit

Three-part comprehensive edit that takes your book from first draft to pitch-ready.

USD $3,500


Please inquire via email for details.

Query Editing

We'll help you get your query noticed. Yes, there is a trick!

USD $275 

Phone Consultation

We can be available to talk about your book at the drop of a hat!

USD $60 per hour

Book Coaching

Write with regular check-ins. Your editor is booked for you on a regular basis—once a week, once a month, and anything in between.

USD $60 per hour

Ghost Writing
Not comfortable with the rigors of writing but have a fantastic story to tell? You've come to the right place.

Inquire for rates.

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